Customer Account Check List

Before proceeding please check that your system meet the requirements below.
You will need to sign up for a MyAlarm interactive service plan with your MyAlarm Registered Installer if you have not already done so.
A MyAlarm Customer account can be used to setup the iFob Control app users for your system.

Contact your MyAlarm installer for more information regarding your system configuration and MyAlarm service plan options.

The iFob Control app and MyAlarm interactive services are currently only compatible with the alarm systems listed below.
Older firmware version systems can in most cases be upgraded to meet the firmware requirements by your alarm installer.
* Bosch - Solution 144 Alarm Panel (via firmware upgrade to Solution 6000 v2.23)
* Bosch - Solution 6000 Alarm Panel (v2.23 or higher firmware)
* Digiflex - Vision-X Alarm Panel (v2.23 or higher firmware)

Your system must be configured with at least one of the following IP connection options.
    CM751 Ethernet module (v2.16)
    CM744 3G Radio module
    CP740 WiFi Enabled Graphic Keypad
    CM366 Ethernet/3G Combo module

If your system meets the above requirement click here to create your customer account.
Create Customer Account