SMS Reports

The SMS/Email/Push Reporting Gateway has been with us for many years, however technology and the NBN have now made this product redundant. It will be discontinued as of 1 Feb 2022.

We recommend you discuss alternative MyAlarm Reporting Services with your Installer like iFob Control which offers a vast array of additional benefits.

Thank you again for using our services and hope we can continue to be of service into the future.
Launch Screen

The SMS Reports app which is available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, allows compatible alarm systems programming to send SMS alarm reports to deliver the messages over the data network via a push notification.

Receiving messages via the app in this way offers a number of benefits over the traditional SMS method including.

Main Messages Screen

The ability to easily separate alarm system messages from other messages delivered to your phone.

The ability to filter messages by individual alarm system or site which is especially useful if you have more than one alarm system reporting via SMS.

Site Messages Screen

A unique message alert tone is played each time a push message is received helping to distinguish between alarm messages and other messages recieved on the phone.

Message Detail Screen

The app will sound an alarm siren alert tone whenever an actual alarm message is received. The siren sound plays for up to 30 seconds which may alert you to the message while you are sleeping, something a normal SMS message will not usually do. Launching the app during the 30 second time perioud will stop the alert signal.

All Sites Screen

Individual messages can be displayed in detailed view using a larger font making them easier to read.